Seattle, or In The Meantime: A Novel by JM Parker


A novel about the death of punk, too many drugs, bike messengers, and bizarre recipes for life set in Seattle in the 1990s.

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Grunge is dying, Kurt Cobain is dead, and Seattle is slowly but inevitably turning from a home for quirky misfits and cafe denizens living on the edge of the continent to the self-absorbed tech giant it is today. Through a series of boyfriends, drugs, and odd jobs, 23-year-old Ian Bradford tries to find his way through the sometimes literal fog of his life. Aided by bizarre Quick and Easy Recipes for the Good Life left by his roommate (“Penny Bubble Gum Ice Cream,” “Bongwater Soufflé”), Ian guides tour boats, interns at a newspaper, and bikes documents through the upscale and seedy parts of town. The authentic self he pursues is both elusive and enticing. If he cannot find it, he may never find his voice as a writer, and never learn the difference between a well-crafted story and a convenient lie.

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